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Frequently Asked Questions  -  The Birds of Britain & Europe

1. Does it work on a DVD player and a computer

It will work on either a DVD player attached to a TV or a computer if it has a DVD drive and suitable software (eg Windows Media Player). If your computer has a DVD drive then it almost certainly has suitable software.

2.  Can I go straight to the species I want?

Yes all the discs have a menu with fast access to any species.

3.  Are songs included?

For most species yes. We don’t have songs for everything (eg seabirds), but where they’re needed for identification (eg warblers) they are included.

4.  Are maps and artwork included?

No, DVDs are best at showing moving footage. Everyone has at least one field guide with range maps and illustrations so we saw no need to duplicate that.

5.  I’ve heard there are two audio tracks - how does that work?

Track one features the voiceover and the natural sounds. Track two has just the natural sounds. You can switch between them by using the remote control for your DVD player or by a menu item on your computer.

6.  I live in N America - will they play on my DVD player?

Probably not. Most N American DVD players won’t play discs in the European (PAL) format. No problems if you have a computer and DVD drive though!

7.  Is information included on where and when the birds were filmed?

These details (and details of the plumage shown) are on a subtitle track.

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